Living on the Edge Hog

Living on the Edge Hog is a poem all about the changing habitat for our prickly friend the hedgehog. In this video, Martin Kiszco takes on the role of a city dwelling hedgehog.

In Living on the Edge Hog, children will learn about the hedgehog’s struggle to survive and his endeavour to find a safe place to live, as well as how the hedgehog population is in dramatic decline.

The video can inspire the children’s own non-fiction writing, debate or poetry. It can also be used in science to discuss animals, their habitats and how they adapt to suit their environment.

Martin Kiszco is a green poet. He has written and published over 100 witty, whimsical and thought provoking poems in his books ‘Green Poems for a Blue Planet’ and ‘Verse for Earth – More Green Poems for a Blue Planet’.