Sustainable Hive worked as education consultants for the Regenerators animations. These BBC Bitesize lessons support learning about the environment and addressing climate concerns in an empowering and engaging way.



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We provided curriculum advice and age-appropriate guidance to Sun and Moon animation studios to create these short videos. All the films address current issues with the most up-to-date statistics and facts delivered in a fun and positive way.


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Lessons include: What is climate change? How can fashion be better for the planet? What is the problem with plastic? How can we look after our environment? How can we make technology better for the world?

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Addressing serious issues in a fun way is what we love to do. We want children to understand the problem, identify the changes they can make and feel positive about the future, and these videos do all those things.

It’s been a real pleasure working with you! Your advice was incredibly valuable!

Alderney Middleton
Production manager, Sun & Moon