Glasgow played host to leaders from across the world for the largest climate conference on Earth, COP26. SAS were there in person to demand the ocean be front and center of the climate crisis.

SAS challenged national and global leaders, put the Youth Ocean & Climate Manifesto in the hands of decision makers, and represented Ocean Activist in the corridors of power.

Our content had to ignite a passion and convey a sense of urgency whilst advocating for the ocean’s role in the climate crisis at COP26.

Since a primary objective was engagement with schools, we were tasked to produce a selection of educational resources. Primary focus was to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of COP26 and empower school pupils to lead the change.

We produced a resource which is suitable for both school-based and distance learning. The content allowed pupils to gain insight into why the ocean plays a key role within the climate crisis. Furthermore, we successfully conveyed the sense of urgency which underpins COP26.

Explore the impact here.

The timely nature of this commission for COP26 meant we had to work quickly, adapting content daily. Subsequently, the team quickly familiarised themselves with the topic albeit something we are regularly engaged with. From commissioning to completion took less than a week, ensuring the resource was released right when it mattered.