Poo Patrol

A community-led science campaign with a catchy name! The aim? To reduce dog fouling and improve child health, championed by the children themselves.

children spray slogan

Fouling of public areas by dog faeces has serious public health impacts, not least because it discourages healthy outdoor play. This research project engaged schools and communities to support and monitor their efforts to stimulate behaviour change among dog owners.

children holding banners

We developed a toolkit to support local action by schools and communities. We used citizen science to monitor impact locally and reinforce motivation to sustain behaviour, while making resources and data accessible at a central hub enabled national action.

don't leave the smelly poop sign

Poo Patrol has provided markedly positive outcomes in Bristol with an astonishing reduction in dog poo left in the focus areas.

The resources developed and a toolkit for action is now available across the UK making this project in Bristol a beacon for good practice.

Who knew such a topic would prove to be such a winner!

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The Impact


schools and community groups participated


dog poos sprayed


reduction in fouling in area

Working with Sustainable Hive on Poo Patrol was a truly collaborative venture, and I would not hesitate to work with SH in the future. They are a professional, creative and resourceful organisation!

Dr Debbie Watson
University of Bristol