Pesticide Panic! Sustainable Shaun

Oh no! There's a Pesticide Panic! Can your class help Shaun the Sheep save the minibeasts that have been poisoned by pesticides?

Shaun the Sheep and his flock have noticed that the number of insects buzzing around their brownfield site are looking increasingly unhealthy and are declining in number. The farmer in a neighbouring farm has sprayed his crops with pesticide and it’s having a catastrophic impact on insect life.

Use the short Pesticide Panic mission on our online game Sustainable Shaun as a starter with your class to introduce the value of minibeasts and insects to our world, including their role in agriculture. Pupils will help Shaun provide a healthier environment for the insect population, enabling them to thrive once more.

Why not extend this discussion with our science and maths lessons in the download pack.

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