Clothes Drive: Sustainable Shaun

Help Shaun the Sheep build a more sustainable city. Shaun has come up with a clever plan to turn junk into cash and expand the city; it's time for a Clothes Drive!

Linked with the ‘Clothes Drive’ Mission of Sustainable Shaun this ECO-nomics challenge is designed to run over a series of lessons with eight challenges including; finding your role, market research, data analysis, product design, advertising, bringing to market and evaluation.

That’s why this fantastic enterprise project meets three main goals:  

•    To develop children’s leadership and team-working skills;

•    To educate pupils about entrepreneurship;

•    To promote sustainable consumerism. 

Ideal for a class or eco team project, ECO-nomics will challenge your pupils to make money whilst saving the planet at the same time!

Play Sustainable Shaun and the other Sustainable Shaun Challenges:

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Pesticide Panic

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Clothes Drive 

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