Young Cook

Developed with the help of local professional chefs, Teaching a City to Cook encouraged young people to eat more healthily and to cook for themselves using fresh, seasonal food.

two girls baking

As part of the initiative, we were tasked by Bristol City Council Public Health and Sugar Smart Bristol with creating a collection of resources for schools and youth organisations to help young people cook with fresh ingredients.

girl in chef outfit

Our tasty resources included ‘Perfectly Packaged’, a Design Technology and maths lesson, an assembly to get the juices flowing and ‘Persuasive Power’, inviting students to explore the effectiveness of intonation and language in advertising.


girl whisking

The programme led to the Young Cook Awards, which provided an opportunity for children to put their new skills into practice. Young adults between the ages of 15 and 17 had an opportunity to apply for the Young Apprentice Award.


I’m really proud to be a part of this exceptional project. Food brings so many different positives to our lives, whether it be eating, well-being or a career in hospitality.

Adrian Kirikmaa
St Monica’s Trust