Water Explorer

The Water Explorer programme encouraged students to take bold and powerful action to save water through fun, interactive water-saving missions.

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Water Explorer is an international schools programme that sets 8-14 year olds on a mission to rescue our WATERful world. We delivered assemblies and workshops, on behalf of Global Action Plan, to participating schools and recruited new schools to participate whilst offering guidance and support. The content was great fun, practical, motivational and memorable, and the feedback, as always, was incredibly positive.

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Fundamental to the success of the project was recruiting schools to participate; as many organisations will testify, not as simple as it sounds. Our well-established networks in Bristol and beyond made this process seamless: target numbers were well exceeded.

It has been fantastic to partner with Hive; they are enthusiastic, professional and have inspired students to take real, important action to save water, creating genuine impact in their community.

Anna Beasley
Events and Engagement Officer