Sustainable Shaun

One of our biggest accomplishments: Sustainable Shaun is an online game designed to help children grasp the concept of sustainability with complementary challenges designed for use in schools.

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We worked with Aardman Animations Ltd, to create a game in which players help Shaun build a new eco-friendly city. Shaun must find a place to live for the stray animals of Big City. Accordingly, players are challenged to keep them happy by monitoring resources, food, energy, transport and nature issues.

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We are so proud to say that Sustainable Shaun has won a coveted TIGA award for ‘Best Game with a Purpose.’ Furthermore, at the present time,  it is played in 209 countries worldwide and has been translated into 28 languages by the European Commission.

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Our game was commended for its engaging gameplay and strong visual design. Additionally,  the game’s purpose – to connect children with sustainability in a fun way – was acknowledged.  Despite the stiff competition from experts in the gaming world, including a BBC Doctor Who entry, Sustainable Shaun won the TIGA Award.

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TIGA Award: Best Game with a Purpose

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