Rethink Water

Rethink Water aims to uncover the truth behind the myths around tap and bottled water, educate children about why we should reuse and refill, and enable them to discover top tips on saving water.


We wanted a programme to help schools reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals targets and achieve the UK Government target of going single-use plastic free by 2022. As is often the case, the logo and assets were designed by our team.

An ambassador programme was also set up: find out more

T Rex

Rethink Water was piloted by schools: teacher feedback is what makes our resources so good. Honest feedback from people on the chalk face, in varied school settings with diverse pupil needs encourages us to be consistently mindful of accessibility, of current pressures within the education system and constantly striving to make the ultimate teaching resource.

We really loved the resources. They were engaging and the children were fascinated by the facts and figures.

Southampton teacher.