Re-Fuse is our innovative approach to tackling e-waste with a focus on small electrical devices. Our free school workshops highlighted the importance of reduce, repair, and re-use.

children at workshop

Re-Fuse workshops explored the issue of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) with 9-11 year olds using immersive display, manipulatives and practical activities.

Re-Fuse headquarters

Our Re-Fuse workshop was nestled in Sparks Bristol, an innovative hub of sustainability and creativity in the heart of Bristol.

Built entirely from reclaimed materials, our Re-Fuse workshop hosted our learning activities and engaged members of the public.

children at workshop

Before the workshop 94% of children said their family did not currently repair any broken items.

After the sessions 92% said they would seek to repair the items using local repair cafes and shops.


hands on electrical item

Re-Fuse was funded by the Hubbub and Virgin Media O2 Time after Time fund. This fund has now finished and we have completed the workshops for schools.

Watch this space! We are looking for our next partner or funder and aim to bring Re-Fuse to an even wider audience.






additional reach

It is so great to see students really thriving in this session. The practical nature just brings out the best in them…and I’ve learnt such a lot as a teacher and adult as well.

St Augustine's Primary School