Re-Fuse is our innovative approach to tackling e-waste with a focus on small electrical devices. Workshops highlight the importance of reduce, repair, and re-use.

children at workshop

Re-Fuse is a repair workshop where young people use immersive display, manipulatives and workshops to explore the problem of e-waste. They explore where solutions lie, how often items can be repaired rather than binned, and how they can lead city-wide action.

Re-Fuse headquarters

Increasingly, children are experiencing ‘eco-anxiety’: a chronic fear of environmental doom. The best way to overcome this anxiety is through action. Attendees undoubtedly leave with real world skills and a clear and positive pathway for changing their behaviour and that of others.

children at workshop

Re-Fuse is nestled in Sparks Bristol, an innovative hub of sustainability, creativity and education in the heart of Bristol. Built entirely from reclaimed materials, the Re-Fuse workshop is a beacon for good practice and hope.


hands on electrical item

Our FREE exciting, interactive workshop guides children around the global issues surrounding e-waste,  learning through the energy cycle of the mobile phone.

Taking part in six hands-on activities specifically designed to raise awareness, children will learn about the widespread impact of e-waste, whilst introducing them to the world of electronic repair.

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