Pollution Solution

ClairCity, an innovative project involving thousands of people in cities across Europe, enabled us to support decisions regarding the best local options for a future with clean air and lower carbon emissions.

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The effects of poor air quality are felt worldwide, but the sources are usually local. Understanding how we live – and the restrictions we face in making choices – is key to improving air quality.

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Solutions at a local level can make a big difference, so we supported the team at ClairCity to bring their ideas to life as a collection of lessons spanning several curriculum subjects, as well as a thought provoking assembly.

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Pollution Solution, a Top Trumps game, was a particular favourite amongst teachers and pupils, encouraging a high level of interaction whilst also inviting learners to reflect on their own experience.

The Impact

As a research project, Hive made sure our resources work for teachers. Their free access platform makes it easy to direct people to them, feeling like a ‘seal of approval’.

Dr Corra Bouchel
University of the West of England