Frank Water

We were commissioned to identify the most impactful, cost effective and efficient way to undertake a formal education programme, ensuring alignment with international development charity Frank Water’s strategy.


By identifying and reviewing current, previously developed resources, establishing how the programme could leverage STEM ambassadors, utilising knowledge from corporate partners, determining gaps in both the education system and public awareness, we made robust suggestions for growth.

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Our output formed a clearly defined strategy for the programme to implement, including SMART objectives, an identified budget, an action plan, resourcing plan and clear next steps.


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A different perspective and an objective eye, especially from educators such as us, can reveal new routes to take and turn concerns into opportunities.

Interview, research, testing, collation of feedback and data analysis formed the basis of the project culminating in a comprehensive feasibility study.

It’s been amazing to work with Sustainable Hive. The perfect balance of professionalism and fun. The report and depth of research into current resources is excellent, we’re excited to develop it further now.

Katie Alcott, Frank Water