Seaside Environmental Hub Bournemouth

We established a leading, dynamic and inclusive learning programme for primary school pupils based in an environmental hub that puts the BCP coastline at the forefront of seaside sustainability education.

children on beach

We set up Seaside School, a bespoke programme based at the new beachfront education hub. We designed all the sessions, made resources and custom-made equipment, piloted the sessions with schools, and produced the recruitment documents for future session leaders.

lesson screenshot

To support teachers in the BCP region we created a series of outreach lessons for all subjects in Key Stage 2. These creative lessons engaged children in their local coastline whilst fulfilling their curriculum objectives.

children on beach

Teachers on our advisory panel and pilot schools were involved throughout and shared that they “loved reviewing the lesson ideas. They matched the curriculum as well as the low impact destination theme brilliantly. Great ideas. The children will love them.”

Sustainable Hive brought the campaign to life, offering their expertise, advice and support every step of the way. They have continued flexibility, superb attention to detail, and a positive approach.

Helen Simmons
Turning the Tide Project Manager