Community Calling

Did you know that approximately 1.5 million homes in the UK still don’t have access to the internet? Hubbub’s Community Calling campaign provides a solution.

The Community Calling campaign started in partnership with Virgin Media O2. It provides a very practical solution to support individuals to get digitally connected, whilst also helping to tackle e-waste by rehoming unwanted mobile phones.


It’s simple: old donated smartphones were data-wiped and redistributed. In our hometown of Bristol, we’ve re-homed over 1,000 smartphones. But with 28 million more going unused in people’s homes, there’s lots to do to get more people digitally connected.

Do your bit

Our success relied upon the strong networks we have established across the city. Developing relationships based on our reliability and transparency is an integral part of our brand.

The Impact


Number of Bristol phone beneficiaries

“That’s fantastic, wow, I’m thrilled! This will be such a huge help in finding me a job”

Anonymous phone recipient